Custom static wiper

We’re very happy to have Sean from Los Angeles as one of our newest customers. He sent us an email with a clever idea for a custom static wiper and he has graciously allowed us to share his idea with everyone.

Here’s his idea in his own words:

I thought about installing your excellently engineered wiper but after seeing the care you took to align the burrs I decide not to toy with a good thing (even if the risk was low)*.  So I grabbed a small neodymium magnet I had and linked small section of ball chain to it to act as the wiper.  It actually solved the issue entirely.  Not pretty, but functional and not visible when the lower funnel is in place.

ball and chain

*Sean’s right, there should be no concern over installing the static wiper. Just be sure to tighten the screw so the wiper sits flush to the bottom of the burr, and ensuring there is no vertical movement of the inner burr on the main shaft after installation.