customer feedback

thank you

We wanted to share some feedback from around the world that we’ve received for the HG one grinder.

Looking back from where we started, we can thankfully see that we’ve managed to make a positive impact in your cup. And hearing the positive reviews, we know that the effort was worth it.

People are excited and happy about their grinders, and that makes us happy.

This page is dedicated to all of our present and future customers.

Thank you,

Paul & Craig

In a word - awesome!

You guys, and the internet, did create a set of expectations on how hard it would be to get the beast dialed in that were way worse than the reality. Took about 9 shots to get the grind right for my Cremina (including one that was so fine I could not even move the lever!). Then one box of minute rice to get the number of rotations for a 15g shot down to about 38 (and it’s already down to 32 on the 4th day). Since then, 13 straight shots that all rank in the top 10% I’ve ever gotten from that machine in 25 years.


I had high expectations and so far they have been exceeded. The consistency of great espresso I have gotten is a wonderful thing. Thanks!

Andrew - North Carolina, United States
I have received HG ONE, I would like to thank you for your reliable guidance and I appreciate the high quality product you have provided me. And I shall give your company the highest endorsement.

Ricardo - Maaco, China
I got the grinder and WOW am I impressed. It is beautifully enginereed and made, and could be in a MOMA exhibit. It is really great to see those huge conical burrs in action. It is really easy and fast to use. If more home baristas knew about it your grinder  should be the number one choice for a home espresso grinder. All of these endless debates about whether or not to get a grinder with flat burrs or get a big  conical grinder and waste coffee to purge the stale grounds every morning.  Your grinder solves those problems and is also quick enough to use in the home setting.

Stephen - Duluth, Minnesota
After 3 month of use I am deeply contended by this masterpiece.
Every single shot is nearly perfect.
Very less need of maintenance and stunning results are much more what I expected.

Dirk - Germany
Received the HG one yesterday and I tried it today after my business trip. Fantastic, a cup of espresso full of crema, silky smooth taste!  The only thing I feel regret is ordering the grinder so late!

Wen-Li - Hong Kong
I received the grinder yesterday in perfect condition. I dialed it in tonight and I pulled the best shots from the Faema so far that I can say almost comparable to the Ritual and Blue Bottle espresso I had when I went to San Francisco last September. I will be experimenting with the grind setting and dose in the next few days.

Thank you for letting me experience this fantastic grinder. Happy New Year!

Jun - Guam
So let me finish by saying again, well done! With out a DOUBT there is a lot more coming through in each shot than with the Vario. To explain the difference to an audiophile I'd say it's like going from earbuds to $500 headphones. For a camera person I'd explain it as gaining 2 or more stops of dynamic range and twice the resolution.

Richard - Prescott Arizona
The HG1 is an amazingly high quality product, of the sort that is no longer feasible to have with mass market products. It’s the kind of product that when you acquire it it makes all other similar products obsolete and superfluous.

Suha - Colorado
The grinder is beautiful, and I have started to pull some veritable shots. After some break-in, this will be absolutely fantastic. Thanks for designing this device! It's a blessing!

Wolfgang - Austin, Texas
Our HG-One arrived last night and I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased we are with it. I was immediately impressed with how professionally everything had been packaged. You guys really did a superb job from conception to final product and packaging on this grinder. Top notch all around.

We assembled it out of the box. And even though it was after 6:00PM, way too late to have yet another espresso, I couldn't wait to try it out. Let's just say that I ended the day extremely over caffeinated and very pleased with our purchase.

This morning we got to test it out in more normal circumstances. It took no time at all to get a feeling for how to turn the wheel and grind the coffee. And we did a taste comparison between our regular Baratza grinder and the HG-One and subtle but significant improvements were evident in the HG-One.

In short, HG-One is not just a work of art (I think you should sign and hand number each one, lol), it is true coffee lovers dream. We love it.

Tod - Albuquerque, New Mexico