Q: Are there any reviews online for your fantastic grinder, how can I learn more?

A: Follow this link to our customers’ testimonials or head over to home-barista.com for more in-depth coverage.

Q: Once I place my order, how long before I’m grinding my way to coffee bliss?

A: We’re only putting inventory in our store that is ready to ship. We ship UPS Ground for domestic orders and UPS Expedited for international. We’ve proudly shipped grinders all over the world, on average it takes UPS less than 4/5 days to get to the most remote of places. Follow this link for information on our shipping rates.

Q: What’s the difference between your burr sets and what types do you currently offer?

A: Seek and ye shall find.

Q: How do I keep up to date with what you’re up to?

A: Please subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of our homepage, or to our Twitter feed (@hg_one_project) or our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hgonedesign).