HG one design

HG one is a design studio founded by Craig Lyn and Paul Nahhas.

Paul is a classically trained musician who plays for the San Francisco Opera, while Craig is a freelance Visual Effects Supervisor for the film industry. It is their shared love for well designed products as well as coffee that drew them together to found HG one. On the surface it might seem that the two partners posses disparate skill sets, yet there is a common thread that binds both of their professions–the obsessive pursuit of perfection in every single detail.

It is this same passion that is behind HG one’s ethos, we are committed to producing intelligently designed, well made products that last. The HG one grinder is the flagship product in a line of tools designed for building better coffee.

We are a fledgling company, and it is only through the support and understanding of our customers can we prosper. As with any company, at times we’re going to screw up. We ask in advance for your patience, as we begin to build beautiful products for you and yours to enjoy.