How to join the waitlist for a product that is not in stock.

Sometimes an item you want isn’t immediately available. You could email us several times a day–every day, and trust me, some people do, but we’d spend too much time answering emails instead of cooking up cool things to make.  The best course of action is to sign up for our waitlist, so you can be immediately notified when stock becomes available.

1. If you haven’t already done so, register for a user account on our website. Please enter all information such as your billing and shipping address, and email and phone number. We need this information to notify you of any issues with your order, or to ship a grinder when you have made a purchase. We will not be able to ship if any of this information is missing.

2. Navigate to the store and click on the product that is not in stock, and you are interested in purchasing.

3. On the product description page, click on the button marked Join waitlist.

waitlistWhen inventory is added to the store, you will be notified instantly via email. The system operates on a first come first serve basis, and items often sell out quickly.