miter gears

Our miter gears have been rated for extreme industrial applications and we’re confident that they will last a lifetime in the HG one grinder. The only maintenance required is an occasional cleaning and lubrication.


Step One

step one: remove gearbox panel

The miter gears are located inside the gearbox and are easily accessible by removing either the right or left gearbox panel. We  recommend removing the left panel so the grab handle won’t obstruct access. Use the included 1.5 mm hex key to remove the screws in the four corners of the panel. These screws are very small so be sure to put them someplace safe where you can find them again.

NOTE: Use care when removing the panels. A panel is held in place by four screws and can easily fall and dent the aluminum when the last screw is removed. Hold the panel in place with one hand, while removing the last screw. Place a soft towel under the gearbox to catch any parts that might fall accidentally.


Step Two

step two: lubricate the gears

With a clean rag, wipe off any old lubrication remaining on the gears. Slowly turn the flywheel to access all faces of the gear teeth. Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the gears! Once the gears are clean, add a small amount of fresh lubricant to the gears. Once again, slowly turn the flywheel to access all faces of the gear teeth. Wipe off any excess lubricant. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

Test the gears by giving the flywheel a slow spin. Replace the panel and screws.